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Things often look weird. But, we still cant picture those Glass goggles on the same people who want to sport versions of those DVF dresses - a. Even if the frames didnt look like something out of Star Trek, as the Huffington Posts Ellie Krupnick points out, they arent even close to trendy. Does anyone really want to look like a half-robot half woman. But she is also free model no nude machine.

I have done my time. It came out of the blue, the letter, from cyberspace. Turning on the computer one August morning, I found an invitation to become part of a feature in The New York Times Magazine, specifically in its annual autumn "college issue," this year devoted to teaching. Had decades of no nude modelss young minds, the thousands of hours alerting them to comma splices, dangling participles, and misplaced modifiers, not to mention denser literary matters such as the nuances in Keats odes or the syntactic tangles of Miltons "Lycidas," reaped some unexpected reward. Had a student in middle age, looking back to an apprenticeship under my stern but loving tutelage, finally realized that I had helped nurture a career as a journalist and now wanted to pay homage to the master who got the ball rolling. My mind rushed back to MGM musicals. Irving Berlin "The photographers will snap us, and youll find that youre in the rotogravure. But I couldnt help summoning up the picture of my Walter Mitty self, looking like Fred Astaire in a gray morning suit, with top hat and cane, strolling with Judy Garland and Ann Miller and her dogs along Fifth Avenue in Easter Parade.


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